Will and Rupert are two very different people. When Will is dumbfounded by (what he thinks is) the worst news imaginable, Rupert is just the first person to pick up the phone. But if Will is hopeless at dealing with a crisis, Rupert is even worse at helping. Fearing the reaction from Will's family and loved ones, the pair embark on an impulsive road trip to the Scottish Highlands to “clear Will's head”. Along the way, they discover that problems are usually in the eye of the beholder, and that illness becomes wellness if you just replace the I with a We. Blindsided is a not-so-buddy movie, a story of friendship, and a reflection on the biggest problems becoming smaller – if you just run away from them for long enough.

INTERNational trailer

BLINDsided premiered at glasgow international film festival, and will continue its festival run throughout 2018. 
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